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Podcast #3: The Start-Up Grind

In my latest podcast I discuss Microsoft in the early “startup” days, the VC World Rat Race to fund the next unicorn, and how to deliver the strongest investor pitches!

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Finding Happily Ever After

” In our search for achievement, meaning, and the ultimate significance of our own lives, how do we find “happily ever after?”” I’ve recently passed a number of important milestones in my life – ones that […]

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How Do You Let Someone Go?

In my last post, “Knowing When to Walk Away,” I talked extensively about how you know when it is time for you to leave a job or a company. But what about the other side […]

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Knowing When to Walk Away

In my 22-year career at Microsoft, I contemplated leaving the company three times.  My first aborted attempt occurred in 1997 after I led the marketing team through my third version of Microsoft Office.  I was […]

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Imitate or Differentiate – Why You Need Both

Can established companies innovate successfully? When I joined Microsoft in 1988, the company had a bit over 3,000 employees, and while it was beyond being a startup, it was far from a mature company.  By […]

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The Other Side of Christmas

As someone who loves this time of year, I was beginning to worry that the “Christmas Spirit” was going to pass me by this time.  I definitely got caught up in the rush of my […]

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5 Critical Factors For Building The Right Team

The guest blog-post below was originally published via Tanveer Naseer’s website.   As someone who absolutely loves sports, I follow the fortunes of various teams and often wonder what makes some more successful than others. […]