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When the World Comes Unglued

I last posted a blog on Memorial Day and promptly went on summer hiatus to enjoy some family time and catch up on other work related activities. That Memorial Day post recalled all the significant struggles […]

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The Greatest Fighter.

While I read about him as an Olympian (read Rome 1960) and watched many of his fights, I never thought I would get to meet Muhammad Ali.  In 2004, he came to E3 (the big […]

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Never Forget

On the last Monday of every May, Americans celebrate Memorial Day – a traditional opportunity to remember those who fought for our country and who sacrificed in so many ways for our freedoms. I’ve written […]

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Balancing Your Work With Your Life

Personal Time in a Passion-filled Career When I retired from Microsoft after 22 years, I assumed that my life would be more settled and run at a more comfortable pace.  The Microsoft years were an […]

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Podcast #3: The Start-Up Grind

In my latest podcast I discuss Microsoft in the early “startup” days, the VC World Rat Race to fund the next unicorn, and how to deliver the strongest investor pitches!

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Finding Happily Ever After

” In our search for achievement, meaning, and the ultimate significance of our own lives, how do we find “happily ever after?”” I’ve recently passed a number of important milestones in my life – ones that […]

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How Do You Let Someone Go?

In my last post, “Knowing When to Walk Away,” I talked extensively about how you know when it is time for you to leave a job or a company. But what about the other side […]