Finding Happily Ever After

” In our search for achievement, meaning, and the ultimate significance of our own lives, how do we find “happily ever after?””

I’ve recently passed a number of important milestones in my life – ones that have caused me to reflect on the road ahead in an important way.

At age 54, I’m clearly in the second half of my journey but with plenty of experience to draw on and much productive time in front of me.  My mother of 91 years passed away a few months ago, and I’m now parentless in the world and the “senior” member of my own household.  Our youngest is now a freshman in college so our nest is noticeably quieter with only the puppy dog requiring care.

But the most important milestone is certainly the 30 years of marriage my wife and I celebrated this year.  Her patience and grace have taken us a long way from a first walk on a beach in South Carolina.  When you’ve known someone intimately for more than half your life, it is difficult to think about living without them.

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