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In his 22 years at Microsoft, Robbie Bach gave hundreds of speeches to audiences small and large around the world. He keynoted major presentations at E3, the world’s largest video game conference, on eight different occasions, and co-keynoted the Consumer Electronics show twice with Bill Gates and twice with Steve Ballmer.

Now working as a Civic Engineer, he speaks passionately about the need for corporate and civic renewal and covers topics ranging from strategy to leadership to personal growth and development. His engagements include corporate events, policy forums, college and university lectures, non-profit conferences, and talks to other civic organizations.

All Net Proceeds From Robbie’s Speaking Engagements Are Donated to Charity.

Speaking Topics

While he is available to speak on a broad range of business and civic topics, his current focus is on the following subjects:

The Xbox Story: Lessons in Strategy, Team Management, and Intrapreneurship

The Xbox saga – from garage-shop inception, through numerous crises and challenges, to ultimate business success – is a many faceted tale with several captivating story lines. Speaking from the viewpoint of the Chief Xbox Officer, Robbie tells the story of a strategic process that brought together a disparate group of talented individuals into a powerful team that applied Intrapreneurship principles to build a successful consumer business within the larger Microsoft structure.

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From Chief Xbox Officer to Civic Engineer

Based on his first book, Xbox Revisited: A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal and many of his blog posts, this speech explores the development of a strategic process that enables all of us to be “civic engineers.” He explains how business principles can be used to influence, shape, and change the course of our local, state, and federal organizations in a more positive direction. Robbie’s approach is neither Democratic nor Republican; instead it takes a common sense view of what is in the best interests of our citizens and paints a picture that is independent of most orthodoxy and doctrine.

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Heads on Mount Rushmore: A Monument to Leadership Principles and Culture

Robbie has been in leadership positions his entire life, including in sports, business, and charitable organizations. He understands the opportunities, challenges, and loneliness of being the final decision-maker on issues large and small, and speaks about both successes and failures in directing teams. Based on personal and historical examples, he has developed a set of principles that help leaders gain the respect and support of their teams, make better decisions, and improve the health of the organization.

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Purpose, Principles, Priorities: The 3P Framework

Formed during his experiences at Microsoft and his on-going board work with corporate and non-profit organizations, Robbie has developed the 3P Framework which he applies to problems in business, government, and personal life. In this speech, he explores the framework, provides relevant stories and applications, and describes how any leader or business can use this process to plan for success. He demonstrates how focusing on Purpose, Principles, and Priorities provides a simple, yet effective rubric to attack even the most complex problems.

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Faith, Perseverance, and Serendipity: Pillars for Business and Personal Success

Robbie has developed core beliefs that have sustained him through the ups and downs of his personal and professional career. In this talk, he speaks openly about lessons he has learned as an employee, leader, friend, husband, and father. Delving into areas that are deeply personal, and often emotional, he discusses his frequent insecurities, biggest failings, and most challenging family issues. He provides an intimate view of the struggles and triumphs of a chief executive growing into his job in the midst of difficult fire – from “friends” and competitors alike – during the creation of Xbox.

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Speaking Testimonials

Robbie Bach just gave a keynote that knocked our socks off. As a conference producer I have that critical eye for presenters – do they deliver the right content – do they have good stage presence - do they speak “to” me or do they speak “at” me. Robbie is a perfect example of what happens when all of these factors come together – it’s magic! Robbie is a consummate professional who delivered exactly what we needed in a compelling and entertaining way. His fascinating story of X-box and how he drove innovation within Microsoft was inspiring; and he brought it home in ways and actionable strategies everyone was able to use in their own organizations. Robbie was rated the number one presentation of a two-day conference chocked full of impressive keynotes. I would fully recommend Robbie for any event and I can't wait to work with him again soon!

Shane York
Vice President of Events
Human Capital Institute (HCI)

“Once in a while you meet someone who leaves an impression with you that will last a lifetime. From his opening remarks to the question and answer period, Robbie engaged the audience until we had to insist that they stop asking questions so we could move on. Robbie speaks with passion, humor, and humility about his personal and professional experiences in a way that motivates and challenges the audience. He seamlessly weaved his 3P Framework strategy into our company’s Purpose, Principles, and Priorities in a way that left us talking about his impact…long after the conference. I highly recommend Robbie as a motivational speaker and an inspiring person wanting to make a true difference.”

Chris Stiles
Skyhawks Sports Academy

“Robbie Bach provided an insightful and educational look into the benefits of having a strategy and understanding your objectives up front through his experience at Microsoft.  As an added bonus, his style was engaging and entertaining.  I believe the hundreds in attendance were both pleased with and benefitted from Robbie’s remarks.”

John W. Mitchell
President & CEO,
IPC - Association Connecting Electronics Industries®

“[Robbie’s] presentation on "Privacy at Risk" at the 19th Boe Forum on Public Affairs will be a highlight of the current academic year.  The organization and delivery of [his] assessment and recommendations exceeded the expectations of the Boe Forum Committee.  [His] engaging demeanor in the student news conference and in the lecture and his willingness to take an unprecedented number of questions from the two business and information systems students in the Q&A were very much appreciated by the college and public communities.”

Harry Thompson, Ph.D.
Executive Director, 
The Center for Western Studies
Augustana College
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