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We Remember and Must Never Forget

Today is Memorial Day – a day set aside to honor those who died in the service of our country. While my father did not die in combat, he did serve in the US Navy in […]

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Why Citizenship Matters in Business

I’ve lived the American dream and will be forever grateful for that opportunity. My mother and father grew up in the Depression, my father fought to defend our country in World War II, and they both […]

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Why is Making a Choice so Difficult?

Authors Note: this particular blog post is going to be a bit righteous. I will apologize in advance for the sermon, but not for the message. After a long campaign journey, the time has mercifully come for […]

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Diplomacy that Works: Rio Reflections

Arguably the world’s most significant set of global diplomats gathered over the past two months for one of their regular meetings. I’m not talking about the G7, the G20, NATO or some committee at the United […]

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Labor Day is About Work

Today is Labor Day, a holiday that was born in the tumult, social upheaval, and violence of the industrial revolution in the late 1800s. It was a time of boom-bust business cycles that left employees largely […]

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The World of a Civic Engineer

I’ve spent much of my time over the past three years writing a book – Xbox Revisited:  A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal  – which amongst other things describes a new discipline I […]

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Finding Life’s Act II

The following guest blog post originally appeared on Maria Shriver’s website. Finding Life’s Act II: How I Went From “Chief Xbox Officer” to “Civic Engineer” We all remember being asked, “What do you want to […]

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About Damn Time

I’m a committed believer in the importance of sports to drive important, positive social change (see The Sporting…Life).  Sport is a paradigm for so many things in life including leadership, perseverance, teamwork, commitment, graciousness, and […]