“Robbie – Your visit to GoPro headquarters was highly divisive. The large group of employees that attended your talk, are still discussing your insights on leadership and setting priorities. The other group is pissed they missed it!

….but we’re sending them copies of the book and promising that you’ll be back soon.

Honestly, the team here was deeply impressed with your thesis and the incredible stories you’ve got to illustrate it. So good to see you — hope you’ll come back soon.”

Jeff Brown
SVP, Communications/Public Affairs @ GoPro

“Once in a while you meet someone who leaves an impression with you that will last a lifetime. From his opening remarks to the question and answer period, Robbie engaged the audience until we had to insist that they stop asking questions so we could move on. Robbie speaks with passion, humor, and humility about his personal and professional experiences in a way that motivates and challenges the audience. He seamlessly weaved his 3P Framework strategy into our company’s Purpose, Principles, and Priorities in a way that left us talking about his impact…long after the conference. I highly recommend Robbie as a motivational speaker and an inspiring person wanting to make a true difference.”

Chris Stiles
President, Skyhawks Sports Academy

“Robbie Bach provided an insightful and educational look into the benefits of having a strategy and understanding your objectives up front through his experience at Microsoft.  As an added bonus, his style was engaging and entertaining.  I believe the hundreds in attendance were both pleased with and benefitted from Robbie’s remarks.”

John W. Mitchell
President and CEO, IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries

“[Robbie’s] presentation on “Privacy at Risk” at the 19th Boe Forum on Public Affairs will be a highlight of the current academic year.  The organization and delivery of [his] assessment and recommendations exceeded the expectations of the Boe Forum Committee.  [His] engaging demeanor in the student news conference and in the lecture and his willingness to take an unprecedented number of questions from the two business and information systems students in the Q&A were very much appreciated by the college and public communities.”

Harry Thompson, Ph.D. 
Executive Director, The Center for Western Studies
Augustana College

“Robbie Bach provided candid and entertaining insight into his rise to success at Microsoft that helped our students see how to drive innovation and lead from a position of your values. He is approachable and humble but communicates directly and openly. He gave fantastic examples of team building, building coalition around an idea and standing tall for what you believe in.”

Suzanne Waller
Director of Degree Programs, Notre Dame Mendoza College of Business

“Robbie has such a warm and honest way of communicating that the angel investors, entrepreneurs and students were mesmerized by his presentation and his stories which clarified the comparisons between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.  In his friendly and self-deprecating manner, he shared some very useful advice and the buzz following his presentation was that everyone was looking forward to reading his new book.”

Cathi Hatch
Founder and CEO,ZINO Society

“Using the example of the development of Xbox, Robbie shared how to use laser-sharp focus and succinct, clear communication to bring divergent groups together to accomplish great things. Robbie’s message — what he calls the “3P Framework” — was both enlightening and encouraging.”

Eric Breidenbach
Chairman, Rainier Club Business Leadership Committee