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5 Keys to Unlocking Your Creative Spark

This fall, I will publish my debut novel, The Wilkes Insurrection, [see LinkedIn post: “My New Adventure: Writing a Thriller Novel”]. Naturally, I’m spending plenty of time thinking of (and re-visiting) the creative process that brought this contemporary […]

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Why Memorial Day Matters

Memorial Day and Veterans Day are very important to me. While I never had the calling (or perhaps the courage) to enlist in our armed forces, my father served in World War II. He survived both Iwo […]

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Finding Your Leadership Top Gear

I’ve written about leadership extensively in the past, but the combination of social/political division and the pandemic have made it clear we need more from those who are directing our major organizations and institutions. I’ve had the good […]

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To the Victor Go…What?

New York Senator William Marcy first used the phrase “To the victor belong the spoils” during a Congressional debate way back in 1832 as the country was headed into a painful forty years of division […]

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God Bless America

On the 19th anniversary of the September 11th attacks, I thought I would share portions of a letter I wrote during my own 9/11 experience. In our current pandemic times, I hope it speaks for itself. […]

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Powerful Lessons from the Greatest Generation

Today is an important day in our family. It is our son’s 30th birthday, our nephew’s 9th wedding anniversary, and the day my father died in 2006. While the first two events are joyous and worth celebrating […]

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Vote for the Future

As the expression goes, we live in difficult and unpredictable times. The world feels like it’s upside down – and it’s very unclear when and how it will right itself. We’ve been warned about pandemic risks for […]

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Now is the Time for Resilience

In a typical year, I give roughly 50 speeches/talks across the country – most of which are pro-bono guest lectures in university classrooms. Well…2020 is not going to be a typical year. Thankfully, a number […]

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Finding a Brighter Future

As we enter the fourth week of a quarantined existence, I remain inspired by what I see around me. Certainly, nothing compares to the courage shown and sacrifices made by our health care professionals, first responders, […]