Xbox Revisited


A Game Plan for Corporate and Civic Renewal


Xbox Revisited is a wake-up call, a challenge to every citizen to become a “civic engineer” addressing the challenges we face in our communities and across our country. Using the 3P Framework of Purpose, Principles, and Priorities developed by the Xbox team, Microsoft’s former Chief Xbox Officer, Robbie Bach, takes business, non-profit, and community-engaged readers on the Xbox journey—a triumphant saga from garage-shop beginnings to business success.

Bach describes the process used to revitalize a beleaguered business in dire straits and applies it to civic engineering and a country adrift in a sea of challenges. Building off of lessons learned from two challenging days in 2001—the first when the original Xbox failed to turn on at its unveiling and the second on 9/11 as the terrorist attacks played out before our eyes—Xbox Revisited provides a simple yet effective framework to address even the most complex problems we face in our personal, professional, and civic lives.

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Praise for Xbox Revisited

“Robbie presents a highly effective, common-sense strategy to address difficult business and community issues. And in the process, he challenges all of us to step up to the plate and participate in renewing our civic and political institutions, Seen through the lens of the creation of the Xbox, the story he tells from personal experience is both engaging and inspirational.”
Jeff Raikes
Co-Founder, Raikes Foundation,
Former CEO, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and President, Microsoft Business Division

“This is a great read for a number of reasons. First it’s a story about walking away from what many would consider to be the perfect career. Secondly, because Bach shows readers how to use many of the strategies he used to make the Xbox story a great one.”
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“..[Xbox Revisited] is a worthwhile read for two reasons. The first is that Bach offers a store of anecdotes about the Xbox years from a unique perspective. The triumphs and the terrors of launching a console from within a highly complex organization like Microsoft, as told by a Microsoft loyalist and insider, are interesting. Second is that the organizational lessons he’s learned, once distilled and packaged, are useful for individuals and for large organizations. His claim that these lessons ought to be used to ‘renew America’ may seem grandiose. But he means them with absolute sincerity.”

“Xbox Revisited is “entertaining and refreshingly honest [with] useful business tips and frank, suspenseful narrative.”
Publishers Weekly
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