The Greatest Fighter.

While I read about him as an Olympian (read Rome 1960) and watched many of his fights, I never thought I would get to meet Muhammad Ali.  In 2004, he came to E3 (the big video game event) to help announce the arrival of Electronic Arts on our Xbox Live gaming service.  We met him privately back stage before the event, and he was very gracious.  Although the sadness of Parkinson’s was clear, he did a few magic tricks for us and then posed for photos.  When he realized I was the “head guy”, he grabbed my fist and put it right up to his nose as if I was hitting him with a punch.  Then he motioned the photographer to capture it on camera.  At the top of my list of memories from my time on Xbox.

Olympian, Conscientious Objector, World Champion, and Humanitarian.  Best job title ever.  The Greatest indeed.