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The Meaning of the Dutch Word “Sterk”

If you’ve read any of my other blog posts (see Reform Interruptist or United We Stand) it is quite clear that I am passionate and patriotic about the United States.  My ancestors immigrated to the […]

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Obama’s Foreign Policy: Best We Can Get?

The Obama administration has focused a considerable amount of energy on foreign affairs over the past few months.  Three initiatives are of particular importance – moving toward normalized relations with Cuba, fighting the spread of […]

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How to Work Under Pressure

When I retired from Microsoft in 2010, one of the things I left behind was the responsibilities of running a large business – and the pressures that came with that. During my 22 years there, […]

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Back on Campus

I’ve spent the last few weeks giving a number of speeches to audiences both large and small on subjects ranging from business strategy to civic engineering.  This flurry of activity got started with a luncheon […]

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United We Stand

I spent last week at my alma mater, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, teaching an honors seminar on public policy entrepreneurship and interviewing high school seniors for the Morehead-Cain scholarship program.  This […]

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Divided We Fall

My wife, Pauline, and I eat breakfast together most mornings and the Today Show is usually on in the background – and it comes to the foreground when it is not about some celebrity doing […]

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…Bringing church Home

Last week, I talked at some length about the meaning of “Going to church” and my efforts to understand its role in my life and its influence across society. I received a number of thoughtful […]

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Going to church…

Our retired pastor joined us for dinner a week before Christmas and we had the opportunity to celebrate in the spirit of the season.  We talked about the importance of family traditions and why they […]

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The Sporting…Life

This story starts with a six year old boy who was predictably driving his mom crazy. With two younger sisters that required attention, the boy’s hyperactivity was difficult to manage. Soon he found himself shipped […]

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Reform Interruptist

  The front pages of our newspapers are currently dominated by important events like the stock market, the threat from ISIS, and the most recent set of natural disasters. The attention-grabbing nature of the urgent […]