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Finding Opportunity Where You Least Expect It

In my last blog post of 2016, I argued that change is coming whether we like it or not: “Change can feel uncontrollable. Change can be disorienting. Change can bring fear, uncertainty, and doubt like no other social […]

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Change is Coming, Are You Ready?

In 2016, social upheaval has been the order of the day. A poorly understood war exploded in the Middle East, terrorist attacks hit in cities famous and unknown, and cold war-like tensions returned. The Brits elected to […]

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Finding Success in the Innovation Economy

America has a well-deserved reputation as the “home country” for a wide array of innovative technologies and businesses practices. Over the last 30 years, companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, EMC, SalesForce, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Tesla, […]

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Why Are You Working So Hard?

I generally don’t spend a lot of time pondering existential questions, but lately I’ve been struggling with a big one. To put it concisely, “What is it that makes us work?” There are some easy, obvious answers […]

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Balancing Your Work With Your Life

Personal Time in a Passion-filled Career When I retired from Microsoft after 22 years, I assumed that my life would be more settled and run at a more comfortable pace.  The Microsoft years were an […]

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Podcast #3: The Start-Up Grind

In my latest podcast I discuss Microsoft in the early “startup” days, the VC World Rat Race to fund the next unicorn, and how to deliver the strongest investor pitches!

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How Do You Let Someone Go?

In my last post, “Knowing When to Walk Away,” I talked extensively about how you know when it is time for you to leave a job or a company. But what about the other side […]

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Knowing When to Walk Away

In my 22-year career at Microsoft, I contemplated leaving the company three times.  My first aborted attempt occurred in 1997 after I led the marketing team through my third version of Microsoft Office.  I was […]

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Imitate or Differentiate – Why You Need Both

Can established companies innovate successfully? When I joined Microsoft in 1988, the company had a bit over 3,000 employees, and while it was beyond being a startup, it was far from a mature company.  By […]