Finding Opportunity Where You Least Expect It

In my last blog post of 2016, I argued that change is coming whether we like it or not:

“Change can feel uncontrollable. Change can be disorienting. Change can bring fear, uncertainty, and doubt like no other social force…The real question for all of us is not whether we like change, whether we want change, or even whether we think change is good. Instead, the question is whether we are ready, and what are we going to do about it?”

With the inauguration of President Donald Trump, I’ve been reflecting on that core premise, in particular in light of the many misgivings and fears I have about what the Trump administration will bring for our country. I watch the news each morning during breakfast and read reports of the various machinations going on in Washington, DC, and indeed elsewhere in the country. I learn about protests, backlashes, twitter rants, and angry threats from all sides. And then I sigh thinking that people are missing an important point.

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