Change is Coming, Are You Ready?

In 2016, social upheaval has been the order of the day. A poorly understood war exploded in the Middle East, terrorist attacks hit in cities famous and unknown, and cold war-like tensions returned. The Brits elected to leave Europe, racial unrest and social discord marched across America, and Donald Trump was elected President. Technology continued to transform our economy with driverless cars, drones, and virtual reality now all much more than virtual ideas. And the Cubs won a World Series.

I’ve felt change in my own life, if even in less dramatic fashion. My mother died after 91 wonderful years, and despite being surrounded by love and support, I suddenly felt a bit more isolated and alone. My wife and I became true empty-nesters with two children professionally employed and our youngest in college. While liberating in many respects, “just the two of us” has been a major lifestyle shift. And on the professional front, I’ve been asking myself difficult questions about “what else I can do to have more impact?”

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