Finding a Brighter Future

As we enter the fourth week of a quarantined existence, I remain inspired by what I see around me. Certainly, nothing compares to the courage shown and sacrifices made by our health care professionals, first responders, and other people mission-critical to keeping our essential services running. They are virus warriors fighting for us all on the front lines. This is humanity at its best.

But let’s just be blunt. Millions of people are now without jobs with no clear idea how they are going to make ends meet. And while necessary, self-isolation and sheltering is a lousy experience. Working from home on Zoom is fine, walking the dog is peaceful, video-binging passes the time, and extra exercise brings some sanity. But when it is all said and done, we can’t keep living this way. We must restart the economy to support those in need. Moreover, humanity requires real, face-to-face interaction – a chance to bond beyond the digital bits we send over the wire. As we fight to flatten the curve, we also must think about what is around the corner and how we create a brighter future.

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