5 Keys to Unlocking Your Creative Spark

This fall, I will publish my debut novel, The Wilkes Insurrection[see LinkedIn post: “My New Adventure: Writing a Thriller Novel”]. Naturally, I’m spending plenty of time thinking of (and re-visiting) the creative process that brought this contemporary thriller to fruition. I was fortunate to be one of the early leaders of the Xbox team at Microsoft.  As Chief Xbox Officer, I had a front row seat to profound creativity — working with a team that literally created an entertainment business from next to nothing.

Who would have guessed that the company that brings you Microsoft SQL Server could create a generation-defining entertainment platform? Halo, Xbox Live, Kinect, and many smaller but important innovations were birthed during those early years. And the Xbox team has certainly continued and expanded on that tradition. All of which raises the important question:

How does that happen?

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