From CXO to Civic Engineer

After 22 years at Microsoft, including 10 years leading the Xbox business as its Chief Xbox Officer, Robbie Bach is turning his strategic and leadership skills to a new challenge: helping individuals and organizations drive transformational change in business and civic institutions.

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The Sporting…Life

This story starts with a six year old boy who was predictably driving his mom crazy. With two younger sisters that required attention, the boy’s hyperactivity was difficult to manage. Soon he found himself shipped off two nights a week as the only kindergartner running around a Boys and Girls Club gym with a bunch […]


Reform Interruptist

  The front pages of our newspapers are currently dominated by important events like the Ebola pandemic, the threat from ISIS, and the most recent set of natural disasters. The attention-grabbing nature of the urgent is understandable and an important source of information for citizens. However, the urgent crowds out the important, and we reduce […]


The Charity Tax

OK…I have a confession to make. I ended my last blog post on tax policy by saying “More on that next week.” That was seven weeks ago – summer and a vacation clearly got in the way of my blog activity. I begin the new school year with a renewed commitment to provide thoughtful ideas […]

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