“If at First You Don’t Succeed…”

“…try, try, again.” Or so goes the oft-quoted maxim. While I am a huge believer in “effort” and the power of fighting through obstacles, “try, try, again” is terrible advice for anyone facing meaningful challenges. Continuing to pound your head against a wall does nothing to ensure that you find a way through to the other side. At best, it is an incomplete approach to problem solving, and at worst it leads to frustration and disappointment.

I’ve certainly had a steady combination of opportunities and challenges in my life, and perseverance has played an important role in whatever success I’ve achieved. But perseverance is more than just working long hours and try, try, again (or TTA for short). Done well, it involves a strategic approach to problem solving based on careful analysis, detailed planning, focused execution, and just a bit of good luck. So if you are the type of person that doesn’t give up easily, consider the following ideas to super-charge your work ethic.

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