The Food of “Success”

Our yellow Labrador, Roscoe, is my constant companion, especially when I’m working or writing. He has listened to at least 100 conference calls and has helped me write two books and any number of blog posts. Like many dogs, Roscoe is very focused on the things that are important to him – and at the top of that list is food. When we finish a long walk or come down to my office for work, he waits patiently for the treats that he’s certain are there. And he absolutely knows that 5 PM is dinner time – and the pestering begins at about 4:45.

Of course, we all know that food is one of life’s essentials, but it’s easy to forget that we need to be nourished in ways that go far beyond three square meals. Finding successful balance requires feeding ourselves in a variety of ways and establishing that diet is no easy challenge. Here are some of the basics I’ve found useful in that continuing pursuit:

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