Keys to Giving Great Presentations

I’ve written a separate post about how to overcome that oh so common fear of public speaking before but the art of a formal presentation has a sub-culture all of its own.  Ironically, for a Microsoft person, I’m not much of a PowerPoint person.  On the rare occasion when I do use PowerPoint, my slides are more about visual imagery than bullets and charts.

For me, the real power in giving great presentations lies in possessing the ability to tell stories — in effect to create a visual slide in the minds of the audience that they cannot forget. In my experience, by far the best method to pull and capture an audience is to take anecdotes about personal, team, or company experiences and make them relevant to the topic or message you seek to deliver.

For more insight into how I prepare and deliver my presentations and speeches check out the video below.

Power of Storytelling

Drop a note below with any tips and techniques that you use when giving presentations!