About Damn Time

I’m a committed believer in the importance of sports to drive important, positive social change (see The Sporting…Life).  Sport is a paradigm for so many things in life including leadership, perseverance, teamwork, commitment, graciousness, and humility to name a few.  This past weekend, Team USA, in the form of our women’s soccer team, demonstrated the transcendent power of sport once again.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words – and these pictures from the tickertape parade down the Canyon of Heroes in New York speak volumes.


So let’s remember why this is so important:

10. Because the soccer was beautiful to watch in its own right

9.   Because they celebrated with an important kiss

8.   Because the nation stopped and watched and cheered

7.   Because Title IX is one of the most important pieces of legislation in the last 50 years

6.   Because FIFA needs to learn about equality

5.   Because Team USA is just that…a great TEAM

4.   Because Women lead sports in America – just check the Olympic medal count

3.   Because they got better and better and better…and then best

2.   Because my daughters are powerful and need to know that

1.   Because it is now the Canyon of Heroines too…

It’s About Damn Time.  Congratulations Ladies…